Advertise at GDC?

Do you guys/gals think we should consider advertising this group at GDC and DICE in the coming weeks (outside of our very own VFX bootcamp)?

If so, what are some cost effective ways you’d suggest? Would flyers dropped in the lunch areas cause you to check out the site?


Set someone on fire and have him walk trough the premise while carrying a “” flag.

disclaimer: “Someone” should be an experienced stunt-person, and “Setting on fire” should be done with his/her acknowledgement.
Please dont set random people on fire.

Awesome suggestions aside: I do think it would be cool to promote/advertise!


yes if possible - the more the merrier!

also has anyone considered setting up a store for RTVFX merch? i could do with a t-shirt and a mug :slight_smile:


Ask people to check out our mix-tape


Any mention of it in a VFX talk with a quick run through I’m sure would go a long way.

Ooooh, I like that merch idea.

Got a slide dedicated to it :slight_smile: I’m also doing another presentation later in the week, I’ll try to work it in there as well.


Spoiler Alert: Hadidjah and I are gonna post a “director’s cut” compilation of all our bootcamp examples in an open Q&A thread here on the forum. Bonus features! Our final slide has the URL front and center by our contact info.

It just makes sense to take the conversation from that talk over to here, rather than carve out time for a couple of people to do in-person Q&A at the bootcamp.

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Also, I’m mocking up some double-sided business cards to give out to people, who can give them out to whomever they’d like. Here’s the current draft:

How many do you think I should print? 50, or 5,000? :^D


For anyone that’s interested - Here’s an .ai file of our super sexy logo:

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Thats really a good idea, That card and writing speaks volume :+1:

I’ll give it mention in our lighting panel discussion. Tips of how to build great communities much appreciated :slight_smile:

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We can talk about the site to people that drop by the PopcornFX booth (#324), and give some flyers away as well :slight_smile:


some (slight) adjustments on the card. Feedbacks welcome!

These are full-rez, so anyone who wants can print as they please. I left a margin around the outer edge. They are intended to be printed at 3.5" x 2".



i like em! and want to add ideas

  1. make a splash
  2. freak’n lasers
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I really liked the second one, Just to make it more fancy to induct a wizard mascot in there :slight_smile: Or just Wizard’s classic hat there to symbolize. Like this:


lol. so epic. Next year, we should do a contest for the RTVFX card.

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love it. mostly, I was looking for feedback on just the effects themselves. unfortunately, i don’t have the time to overhaul the card layout to design such a mascot, nor adjust the layout to accommodate him :^(

Maybe next year!

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Yeah right :slight_smile: Would love to have a contest next year for the card. The effects on the card for me are perfect. Both designs are cool

These are awesome! :+1:

Some more tweaks, after feedback from a few people. The more prominent rays feel nice on a printed card, and flipping it over feels a bit nicer with the orientation flipped. Thanks for everyone who chimed in!