A simple vector animation tool other than Flash/Animate?

Hi there! I usually produce my vfx flipbooks using Substance Designer but sometimes I need some cartoony flames etc and (i’m just going to be super honest here) I HATE Flash/Animate. Can you recommend me any other software where I can simply do frame by frame vector animation? (preferably with a “Shape Tween”?)

P.S: I’ve tried Pencil2D and I didn’t like it :confused:

I’ll take a look at this:


Toon Boom Harmony is excellent :grinning:

Yeah I was thinking about downloading the trial version! Cheers!

I think I’ll go back to Animate since I’ve recently realized there’s a “Generate Sprite Sheet” feature. (I don’t know when they implemented this, I haven’t been using Flash/Animate for years)

Update: I’ve completely switched over to After Effects. Animating and Add/Sub mask compositing and optionally various effects to colorize textures quickly, turned out to be the best option for me.