A Series of French Tutorials on Niagara

Hello, since this is an english speaking forum, I’m not sure if this is the right place to promote my content… so please tell me if I should stop posting french content here ^^

A few weeks ago, I decided to start learning more about VFX in Unreal Engine 4. And since I found out that there was not that much content on Niagara, I decided to launch a series of french tutorials in which I document my learning of the tool :slight_smile:

Here’s the link to my playlist: click here

I hope this will be useful to my fellow french trying to learn VFX.


ahah nice ^^ wanted to do same thing for shadergraph [unity] (actually already started recording some vids) (but still dont know if i will speak french or english). Mine more based on recreating effects from some games with a small format of videos !

Keep it up and good luck !


What a fantastic way for technical artists to learn french! :slight_smile:


@JoanP Thanks a lot! Once I’ll have learned enough about VFX, I’m planning to make a similar series of tutorials in which I’ll try to recreate the VFX of known games :smiley:

@William_Mauritzen hehe :smiley: at first I wanted to make these tutorials in english, so that I can practice a little, but I was too afraid of not speaking fluently lol. And I also realised that there was not a lot of french tutorials out there so I decided to take the leap :wink:

I feel like it’s really difficult to find good tutorials for Niagara, so even though i don’t know any french - i’ll be enjoying these, thanks!

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@BinaryBobby Thanks a lot! In my second video I try to be as concise as possible so I think that you can copy the code I write and it will work like a charm ^^

These are fantastic. Thank you for creating this content.

There is an auto-generated translation logic using Subtitles/Closed Captions in YouTube. It does an alright job, and you should be able to piece together what is being said fairly easily, in English anyways!

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@Dougie Thank you very much :slight_smile: and thanks for the feedback on the auto generated subtitles, I didn’t take the time to watch if it was doing a good job. I was afraid that it wouldn’t because I come from Tahiti and I have an accent that can be a bit difficult to undestand even for french people lol.

Also I’m planning to make a written tutorial on Niagara on my personnal blog, so maybe this will help facilitate the translation :wink:


I’d love to get some tutos on the shadergraph ! :smiley: personally I don’t like video in english when a french recorded it (I speak french too as a Belgian) it’s easier to express ourselves in french in my opinion. But english or french i’ll defenitly whatch it.

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Hey guys, I’ve just uploaded the new part of this series. This time, I show how to make simple geometric shapes using particles indexes. I wanted to tackle this topic before moving on to more interesting topics such as actor/particles system communication. Hope you’ll find something useful in here :slight_smile:

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I’ve just posted my latest tutorial in which I teach you how to do mesh morphing with Niagara :slight_smile:

Here’s the link to the video


What a good chance to practice my bad french :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for this tutorials! Very clear and useful

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Thank you! Nice to know that it was usefull :slight_smile:

Hello Everyone! Here’s the latest french tutorial posted on my YouTube channel :smiley: In this tutorial, I show how to recreate the effect presented by Chris Murphy at the GDC2019.

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