2D FX in Unreal Engine

Hi everyone, I’m a 2D FX animator. I have been called to participate in an indie project on the Unreal Engine, but I have no idea how to import my 2D effects into the engine to use it in a game. I’ve only been able to import a spritesheet and create a flipbook, but the animation just repeats over and over. Maybe someone can tell me how to do this or recommend tutorials, because I haven’t been able to find anything.

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Hi Ivan! Good to have you around.

Does this look like something you’re trying to achieve?

While the effects in the video are looping, they’ve got “play once” versions too. I could definitelly send you the pack, so you could maybe reverse engineer it and see if you can work it around to make your own VFX.

Send an email to info@vefects.com and we’ll get it back to you asap.

Have a nice day :sparkling_heart:

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