Zelda - Breath of the Wild VFX

I’m sure plenty of you have taken a look at this already but I couldn’t find it posted when I searched and they’re definitely worth seeing!

The VFX in Breath of the Wild look absolutely gorgeous and there are a few really handy youtube videos featuring them:

Nice compilation of flashy things.

Few effects played then very helpfully replayed in slo-mo. Video was uploaded by our very own Luos_83 :slight_smile: He mentioned this may have already been posted in the FB group but I don’t think I’m in that.

Weather FX

I’m sure there are plenty more but I thought I’d pass a few of the videos I’ve been staring at wide eyed :smiley:


heh thanks for sharing!

I also did a speedcreate video of the effect:

I have iterated upon it since, to improve size, impact, and a better fade-out of the ring, but its nice to see how to create something similar.


How did I not find this!? Cheers for sharing :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing! Great Ref!

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I really like the stylized fire from Zelda, Looking forward to recreate that one soon. I did cartoon fire which does tells its cartoon but its not that stylized

Made another video today, additionally added a very slowed down version.
Ignore the musics:


I just found this video where someone has increased the size of all fx/particles which is super interesting because now it’s better distinguishable how they’re made because you can see the particles better. I like for example that the particles in the air are not just round shapes but squashed or maybe even rotated (if you think of them as 3D objects):

Also really nice: super-slow-arrows:


Those giant footsteps made me giggle.

Nice references.

Im also working on my own versions of the Zeldas effects, take a look o/


different game, similar effects:


UFFFF DAAAAAMNNN you’re the master bro

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