XIII Remake VFX Showreel


Hey everyone! I’m finally able to make a showreel of my first commercial project:

Let me know what you think!
Is this what you’d expect from an FPS game showreel?
Is there anything that doesn’t fit in quality-wise?
Is the editing ok?


Awesome stuff man, well done. How did you do your fires, are those spritesheets?

Really enjoyed seeing words being used for VFX in a nice comic book style.

I’m glad you liked it!

All of the fire here is done with sprite sheets. The priority was getting a lot of effects done in a short period of time, so I ended up with a pretty big library of textures from the Unity examples and asset packs that got mixed and matched.

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I think you did a great job!

Unfortunately I’m quite biased, I played and loved the original XIII and this remaster… well let’s say it didn’t stood in comparison.

But that’s totally off-topic, your video is great but why does it have no sounds? In game SFX and SUBTLE background music could add a lot to it.

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Thanks a lot! There are a few effects that didn’t make it in the video that are there to keep some of the spirit of the first game. For example, the “tap tap” onomatopoeias in the original are disabled for all of the cutscenes except one (I’m pretty sure it’s a bug), so we added them back in just for fun.

As for the sound - I was following the advice from this tweet: https://twitter.com/hadidjahb/status/1343722684014678017?s=20

Looks great! Getting a project over the line is an achievement in itself too, congrats :smile:

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