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So I thought it would be cool to play around with the spline tool in unreal, seeying just how far I can push it.
Inspiration is this thing: Horizon Zero Dawn | Rivers and Cables | SideFX

First limitation I bumped into is that unreal terrain doesn’t allow editing in blueprint, so I have to edit the terrain myself to snuggly carress the created water surface.

I posted this on my sketchbook originaly, but since it fits nicely within this theme I’m moving it here.

Let me know what you think :smiley:


Sorry for the spam, here are some close-up shots, so you can see some of the problems I’ll hopefully be fixing tomorrow.

looks very nice! i use the same talk (zero horizon) as base for my river! :slight_smile:

Difference is, you’re smart and acctualy use the proper intended tool, haha :smiley:

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So I managed to fix tons of bugs today, including most of the visual glitching in the turns.
Tomorrow I might work on shader a bit, maybe get some foam in there.

Let me know what you think :smiley:


I added the foam. I might have overdone it a bit though.
It also doesn’t animate very well just yet, so no gifs :smiley:

Next time : I’ll be trying to add some of the data of my mesh generation into the material.


the foam looks awesome! how did you generate the masks for it? is it dependent on a distance field?

Yeah, it’s pretty much sampeling the distance field at different distances in the water, you know to create a bit of randomness. I don’t really like it tbh, I have quite abit of information about my river during creation, So I’m gona try and see if I can’t generate local 2d distance fields, should be quite a bit more optimized :smiley:

That’s really gorgeous, I’m going to give the video a watch thank you

One more progress shot, to show what editing looks like right now.

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Video? I didn’t upload a video just yet, thats only coming when I get the animations to work somewhat properly

I wonder how you did get the reflections so nice. Planar Reflections shouldn’t work since the river can have different hights, right? And local refections spheres don’t give me such nice details…

It’s just a combination of ssr and sphere reflection captures strategicaly placed around the level (near the river).
It doesn’t look pretty, but the normals distort the image enough to make it hard to see how accurate the reflection is.

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I noticed, that I have to enabel SSR manually in my reflection settings in my material. Now it looks better. Using Sphere Reflections didn’t giving me a good result … maybe I placed them too high/low. Thanks for the replay!

sphere reflections need manual rebuilding. Also the closer you place them near the water surface the beter results I tend to get.

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Aaand a video showing some of that foamy action.

Also working on making the spline smoother but only on certain conditions, etc, etc…



Nice! I wonder if the river could be a little less translucent. This one very deep area (0:19) looks maybe a bit too clean (crystal clear water)?

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This looks so realistic! Nice one.
Might be nice to have some additional distortion on the foam in x so that the turbulence matches the speed?

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Oh whaaaat, I haven’t comment yet? xD I like it, nice work and congratulations also for the win! :smiley: