World Space Rain On Objects


I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to approach world space rain on objects?

I have been following @DeepSpaceBanana breakdown, some of @simonschreibt and Klemen Lozars Posts about this topc but still can’t get the desired effect.

My material graph doing this logic is from TK’s write up. I am using Klemen’s approach with flowmaps mixed with TK’s masking to drive variation. This is the graph logic for the World Space Issue.

I am trying to get it so that it always flows downward and lerps between what’s considered down. From there drive things like flow map intensity, speed etc.

At the very least get it so that isn’t crossing over each other on the same plane as seen in the video.

The write ups for peopel interested, incredibly useful and definitely worth reading :slight_smile:

@simonschreibt and Klemen Lozars

Any help would be greatly appreciated