Wondering wich software i should use

Okay lets get straight, I’ve used Cinema 4D & After effects now for almost 4 years and i learned alot of it but i want to get in touch with other software’s around.

I know some already but don’t know any about them (how they work):

  • Autodesk maya
  • Autodesk Max3Ds
  • Unreal engine
  • NukeX

But i want just to make some youtube cinematics/ sort of trailers to tell a story to my subcribers, but i dont know the best software(s) to use it. I want to make some landscapes and many more things that have really good quality (the texture’s are really really HD. Something like this (youtube)

So which software’s do i need to use for my preferences?

Thanks for your time!

Tough thing, creating cinematics, trailers. Generally the CS:GO, Team Fortress animations and the Overwatch parodies are done in Valve’s Source engine. It’s pretty good for creating various cinematics and it comes with a lot of ready to use props. Basically, in my opinion, you can use an engine to create cinematics with pretty good lighting and control, but you’ll need meshes depending on what you want to achieve.

Unreal has a ton of props you can use for free or buy if you have the money and just place them however you want.

Maya and Max are mostly for modeling (in the game sphere), but otherwise they are used for animation by different animating studio, but they have a lot of good in-house renders or scripts for already existing ones. And this will require frame by frame render, rather than real time like Unreal (but you might need a good rig to support that).

NukeX is for compositing, mostly used better with the prerendered stuff, cause you can spit out the different compositing layers like diffuse, specular, reflection, depth, etc. But I think you can do that in Unreal as well, it’s just that you can already do post work there as well.

To sum up, if you are more into the cinematography stuff, placing cameras - have a look at Unreal, Unity or Source and see what kind of animations you want to do.

Also you mention landscapes, do you want to generate them as well or?
Hope this helps somewhat :smiley: difficult to answer simply

Thanks for your advice, I think I’m going more into unreal and maya/3DS max. But what is better for modelling and animations and for learning progress because i dont see many tutorials for maya :frowning: 3DS Should be more active community for but I don’t really know which one… for cinematics work.

I mention landscapes yes, and this is what i want sort of creating with it: (youtube)

Very thankfull :smiley:

Simple landscapes can be done in Unreal by painting - anything more complex (and possibly optimized both for polygons and materials) - you might need another software like World Machine.

As for 3D packages - most are pretty much the same. Pushing vertexes :smile:

Thanks, and for modelling can that be done in Cinema4D & Maya/3DS? → and what is the most easier model program for a beginner modelling?

Btw i want to make something more like this: (youtube)

Thanks alot! :smiley: