Wondering if it's possible to offset/distort uv coord in a particular way to create a volumetric material

It’s not quite what I was going for but I made some interesting effects using displacement.


The red ball just uses a circle texture since that’s this month’s sketch. I think I’ll keep the original description and tag, since I’m interested in more ways to make similar volumetric effects.

Probably the interesting part of this material is that it actually pans one of the textures from the center of the sphere outward.

Original post:
If you take a noise texture and put it on a sphere then duplicate and scale the sphere several times you get a pretty cool volumetric effect. Trouble is that there is a lot of overdraw, so I was wondering if there is a way to make this effect in a material and just use one sphere.

I’ve been looking into parallax mapping, but that seems to create something like the opposite effect. I would like the rays to expand towards the edge of the sphere.

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Hm…I guess the best (and currently state-of-the-art) technique would be to use ray-marching. It’s a bit more complex but offers volumetric effect by not increasing overdraw too much. Just recently I saw this tutorial at polycount (didn’t worked it through yet):

Maybe this helps :slight_smile: