WIP - Portal VFX

Hey Guys, need some fresh eyes here.
Making a portal/teleport spell. I feel like the motion is off a bit, but not too sure what part of it.


Nice man! This is awesome. Really nice motion and colors! There’s a lot of cool stuff going on and it all feels like it works together very well. I would love to see it stay open a bit longer with a bit more or a primary read on the actual rings of the portal rather than the, I’m gona call them, “pollen puffs”. This may help it read as a portal a bit more. Also may be cool to incorporate another texture behind everything that represents space being torn open or something. Idk, looks pretty cool dude. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the critic, yeah I initially were going to make it stay longer. But got obsessed with the ‘pollen puffs’ at the end

Not sure on the initial beat (small flash/some sparks), feels a bit visually bland on that bit. Perhaps something like a spiral in or some glittering before you spawn the portal.

And definitely hold it open longer before fading out.

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Thanks, yeah didn’t add much, didn’t wanted it to get in the way of the main effect. But I’ll see what i can add to add more flair.

Cool, I’d say it conflicts as a small pulse followed by the big pulse. (Smooth In), Bang, Smooth Out.

Looks really nice! I particularly like the “pollen puffs.” How did you go about making those? Fluid sims? Vector fields?

Could maybe use some sort of transition between the initial pop and the portal opening. The small gap with nothing happening feels slightly awkward. I wouldn’t try to outdo your main portal, but perhaps add some sort of small background element to tie the pieces together. Like- the initial pop creates a tiny cloud that then bursts open into the portal. Just a thought. :slight_smile:


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Thanks Aaron, will try the tiny clouds, see if that ties it together.
For the puffs I used 2 emitters. First one is not visually seen, its made just to set the initial location for the second emitter. The first particles pushes out then sucks back in. The second emitter is then emitted from the first particle location and I also have a vector field on it to drive some sort of turbulence to it.
Hope this helps

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Very cool, Nathan. Well done! :slight_smile:

What platform is it aimed for? What type of game? What type of ingame camera?

Need some more info else I find it hard to give relevant feedback.

For now, I do agree with PetrieTheWild about the adding the elements he suggested about readability.

Some general things that you can try:
Add some sort of ground interaction, a faint light or an additive decal added to the ground plane so that the portal looks more present.
Check your materials, you seem to have some harsh edges on particle intersecting with the ground.
Make the central green flare element slightly more color intensive towards its center so that you have more of an “power focus” when the portal collapses.
I would add Material Dynamic Parameters to all the materials in the effect and run this through a blueprint if you aren’t already. This would enable you to do things like multiply the color intensity off all the particles in the effect. And you can then use timelines or similar to change the instencity off separate elements without having to use the particles lifetime.
Check the spawn rate on the the tiny yellow sparks, right now they spawn in separate “blobs” rather than smoothly over the entire path of the parent particle.
Maybe add a small point gravity to the tiny yellow sparks and activate it in sync with the green smoke at the end of the effect to make the effect dissovle even more interesting.
Nothing happens to the camera. A slight color tint, a suble zoom towards the center of the portal along with some slight vignetting could look nice.

Cool stuff man, you have a great base here, I think that it would be fairly quick and simple to push it even further, good luck!

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Woahh thanks for the amount of critique and ideas. I have not thought much about the platform. But most likely PC, consoles. Going for the RPG type of game and a third person camera