WIP - Green fire magic projectile

Hi everyone, I’ve been working on this green fire projectile as part of my vfx learning roadmap. I’m still really new to vfx (been working as a generalist mostly and recently fell in love with vfx art) so any C&C will be greatly appreciated! :blush:

I tried to replicate this effect (at 0.13)

The projectiles are moving along 3 different splines but i don’t have a way to change their speed/time yet (currently working on it!) so the timing feels a bit off.


Hmm looking good, my general feelings are as such,

Something about the inner trail doesn’t gel with the rest of the particles.

The effect in the other reel has a bit more colour in it, more blues and yellows in the trail + a brighter ball head.
Unlike your trail, their trail would appear to taper more over it’s life and I might be seeing little streaks inside it?

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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Hey, thanks for the feedback!

Yes my trail isn’t melding with the “fiery” effect as much as I’d like. I’m pretty sure he’s using some distortion/refraction on the “fiery” part but i don’t really know how to do that yet ahah

I’ll keep experimenting with it and post a wip as soon as i get a decent result :stuck_out_tongue:

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