Winston Bubble Smoke VFX?

Hey everyone! I’m working on recreating Winston’s Bubble from Overwatch, but I can’t seem to get the smoke right.
I’m going off of this, it’s all just kinda flows into itself, even if it overlaps it doesn’t change the max value of I guess the opacity??
My attempt is still kinda weird, maybe I’m going about it wrong to begin with? Is it not just an emitter?

Any help appreciated!

It’s pretty much the same as yours, the only difference is its spawn rate is broken up. The two areas you’ll want to mess with is setting your Spawn Rate to Uniform and messing with Min/Max rates, and then in your Required tab you’ll want to set your Duration and Delay with ranges. Be sure to set “Use Range” for both, and Duration Recalc Each Loop. That approach should give you the intermittent bursts of spawned particles like Winston’s has. You may also need to stretch your particles vertically more to match the effect in Overwatch.

I’m gonna give this a go!
Thank you so much!

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