Where can I find character animation assets?

While doing weather and explosions every day is fun and all, I’ve been wanting to practice more spell/ability-type effects (and achieve Twitter stardom in the process)

But it’s kind of lame just to do them in a vacuum, so I was wondering if anyone has any tips on where I can find character animation assets to spruce up?

Epic released all the paragon characters with their animations, there are also some nice melee weapon anim-sets on the UE4 marketplace. Mixamo also has some free content, but not all that good.

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Unity and UE4 asset stores generally have a couple good rigs you could use for FX;
Otherwise, you could check other websites like turbosquid,etc , but i’m afraid that unless you’re willing to pay for it, you won’t find rigs that are both free and of good quality.

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I really like the mocap bipeds that come with Houdini for practicing magic effects. They are pretty boring animations like walking (no attack animations as far as I remember) but hey, nothing to download.

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Thank you for the advice everyone! The Paragon assets seem really promising!

Houdini was actually my first thought haha, but the animations there are sort of… stale I guess? They work well for CFX though.

I’ll spend some time trying to find some non-realtime animation assets too - I think it’d be a fun challenge to try to make the same effect both in engine and offline.

This guy has a fun animation, was added in 17.0:


I’ve been using mixamo animations but I’m really struggling to find ones that have some “punch” to them, most of them seem very stiff even when sped up.

Is it possible to download the paragon characters as FBX and use them in unity or are they only available as uassets?