What's new in here today?

Well, it’s been an eventful evening for me with our server, but alas, it’s time I call it a night. So what’s new? There’s a ton of under the surface stuff that’s changed over night, with the goal of cleaning up after myself so that we can start to hire external engineers to develop new features. A few things you will notice:

  • Better Branding/Logos
  • Better new-member onboarding
  • Better mobile support
  • Renamed Reference to Shares & Reference
  • Added Technical & Engine Help
  • Removed Meta and moved all discussions to General
  • Various bugs that have been around for a while.

For a complete list of the new stuff in our latest build from the Discourse team (if you were curious):

I also was able to test out a few plugins/features that we’ve been developing, but are not quite ready for primetime, specifically user selectable light and dark themes, and a more visual layout for the forum (kinda reddit-style). Here’s a sneak peak at what I had working:

For this to be particularly useful, we need to finish supporting pulling featured images from all the usual sources that we want to use, namely youtube and vimeo. Then we’ll all need to make sure we have a beautiful image in our posts :wink:

There are quite a few other plugins and features that this update has given me access to, and i’m feeling super excited to roll them out.

Thanks for your patience everyone!


Really appreciate the time and effort your putting in @Keith! Good Stuff.

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Nice additions!

Will be getting a dark mode soon?
(or find someone who can set up a “Stylish” for it :slight_smile: )

edit: i should read more proper <_<
/me slaps himself.

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Sorry all! I had to take the server down for about 30 minutes tonight again, entirely because I forgot to back it up after all of my changes this weekend. So now we have a tidy little backup image too!


Thanks a lot Keith! This is great!

Thanks a bunch, I really appreciate this place and all the people who’ve had a hand in making it awesome!

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Thank you for your work!