What type of VFX are a must have in a Portfolio?

Hi everyone! I’m an Illustrator and Game Artist who has recently decided to pivot towards Real Time VFX. Starting this January I went through a few Udemy courses on the subject and created a bunch of experimental VFX to learn the basics, and now I feel like its time to start creating my portfolio. But I’m not really sure what type of effects to include, should I just go for cool looking effects that I simply enjoy making or should I aim for the most common type of effects that we see in most games?
From a recruiter stand point, when you look at someone’s portfolio, are you looking for practical, game ready effects, or something more artistic and experimental that showcases the individual taste of the artist? If you guys could maybe list a few types of effects you’d like to see on a portfolio, that would help a lot! :blush:

For my first VFX project I decided to create a range of abilities for a character in a LoL/MOBA style, (here’s a link for it on my Artstation), do you guys think big projects with multiple effects like this one are good to have? Or should I focus more on having a bigger variety of unrelated effects?

I’ve also recently created a few slash effects, though I think they might be too simple to post as a portfolio piece.

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Hi, it’s better have effects in different styles and show that you can make any type of the effects.
Also there is no good VFX course on Udemy because they are the same as free tutorials on YouTube. You can try my VFX course (of course I promote my VFX course :grin:), you can try course from VFX apprentice, you can try to find some Chinese vfx courses with English subtitles.
Effect that you can find almost in every game is explosion. Try to make a good and unique one.

Upd. Also an advise, try to add hit effects to the slashes with some target (it can be a simple sphere or a character without animation). It’s always better to present your effects in action with character.

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