What is your favorite in-house tool/debug script/hack?

Often times we are working on assets that are deeply tied to gameplay or mechanics, and this can make iterating or debugging a pain, especially if your not a programmer!

In the past I’ve relied heavily on sequences or animators to create a demonstration that will be used as a guide when the effect is implemented by a developer. However I have an opportunity to suggest more practical tools to help me work. I know this is going to depend hugely on the project - But what tools can you not live with out? Did you make them or have to request them?

For me my first step is always to have exposed debug controls to command AI - waiting around for the AI to do what you expect is a pain. But I’d love to go further and be able to set up complicated initial states so that, for example, they AI uses the Skill A followed by Skill B, as soon as I play the level, and I can reset to play it again on command.

I’d love to hear about any lifesaver hacks you all have!

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