What is up with BiuBiu "Sticker gallery"?

Recently I came across this BIUBIU chinese website. I noticed they have a “Sticker Library” which has a bunch of textures, does anyone know if those are free to use? Kinda like a repository from the community? Example:

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The texture library are built up by the chinese vfx community for study purposes. A large number of the textures are extracted from commercially available mobile games like Honkai or Onmyoji so I personally wouldn’t suggest anyone to use the library in their commercial projects.

yeah, they seem to collect everything. here is a download from @GabrielAguiar videos:

I understand. Thanks!

Seemed too good to be true, and as I thought, it was indeed :stuck_out_tongue:

but it is still a fantastic resource to learn from. would be perfect if you’d see the ingame effect and then side by side the used textures.


Wouldn’t be a horrible idea to build something like this with actual free to use textures :thinking:

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