What is the difference between using a transparent shader and a opaque with custom Render Queue

Hi, I where working with some shaders and the Question comes to my mind, if I take a opaque shader, use as base color the scene color, and change the Render Queue to be just before the transparency, is it different in any way to a transparent shader? maybe more performant?

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Hmm, from what I know it would work similiarly as Scene Color also has to include things that are behind it, so kind of work the same as transparency, though I never tested it, so I might be wrong.

Maybe you can stack couple of layers and check shader complexity

Srry, I don’t understand what u mean when u say stack the layers, or how can I check the layer complexity :crying_cat_face: :sweat_smile:

What I mean is just put couple of those plain objects behind each other so they render on each other, for the second one I just noticed that you work in Unity so there is no Shader Complexity view, so my bad :stuck_out_tongue: Though you can probably use profiler and check how hard this shader is on GPU (ctrl + 7)