What is easier to learn unity or unreal to do vfx real time?

Hello, I just want to learn a new skill, and I liked game VFX very much, So I wanted to ask, What is easier to learn unity or unreal to do VFX realtime?

I personally believe that Unity as Shuriken (unity basic particle system) is much easier than Niagara (unreal current particle system).

Unreal has blueprints though that might be easier for non-coders.

Though working in both is really similar at later stages, so whichever you will learn first you should be able to switch to the other rather quickly.

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But I feel that Graph system is more difficult than Niagara right?

Shuriken particle system is not graph based (it’s the great start with VFX)
VFX Graph is graph based, but you could try it later if you feel confident with shuriken

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In my opinion, both are easy and complex to learn, it would depend on which one you feel more comfortable working in. I would suggest you try them both; see which one speaks to you. This is because you would also have to work with other parts of the engine you eventually chose such as their respective material editor/shader graph.

In Unity, you can use either the Particle System to create simple effects or the VFX Graph to create very complex effects while in Unreal you can use Niagara to create both simple and very complex effects. In Unreal you would need to learn some simple Blueprint scripting and in Unity, you would have to learn some basic coding in C#.

However, both have their multi-track editors, Unreal/Sequencer and Unity/Timeline which you can use to show off your effects at the beginning, so coding/scripting can always be learnt later after you have mastered the particle system of the engine you chose.

So watch a few tutorials, test them both and see the one you are most comfortable in.


Thx man i really appreciate it

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