What first made you want to learn VFX?

Hi everyone! I’m currently studying VFX through CG Spectrum and have been learning the basics of modeling and animation for a couple of months now before studying Houdini/compositing in my next term. I came into the course not knowing anything and I am enjoying it so far yet I feel like I’m missing inspiration and motivation to really enjoy it. For a little background I decided to pursue VFX mainly because I didn’t want to be a freelance traditional artist, it’s in the movie/gaming industry, and it’s a constantly growing and needed career not necessarily because I was super inspired to pursue it (and it’s still an artistic field).

So speaking on that, what was some of your first aha moments as VFX artists where you decided you were going to pursue VFX? Was it a movie scene? Gaming scene? What gives you inspiration? I’d love to hear your experiences on what made you want to learn VFX and what keeps you motivated now.

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So I’ve started as a programmer in gamedev and games I was making were looking pretty bad.
I had no drawing or modelling skills back then so I’ve found out about particle systems and started experimenting with it and it was a lot of fun!

I’ve got my first job as a VFX Artist, but back then I was not really considering it as my career (I never really believed I could be an artist). Tho around 2 years later I’ve started to look through different VFX people make and found out about stylized ones! Then I just fell in love with them :smiley:

My motivation now is to just have fun and when I get blocked in the process I just look at other people effects and try to find something that would inspire me.