What are Badges?

Badges help to reinforce positive behavior in our community, as well as keep things clean. They are a central part of Discourse’s gamification features.


Receiving Badges
There are two ways to receive a badge:

  1. Manually granted by an administrative user
  2. Automatically granted by the system

Automatic Badges
Think of these as standard “achievements” unlocked by performing certain tasks. These often directly correlate with your trust level, which grants user abilities based upon their involvement in the real-time VFX community. For the full list of badges you can achieve, click here. For more information on Trust Levels, Moderators, and Admins, click here.

Manually Granted Badges
These are special badges, earned by participating in community events, competitions, etc.


For those of you that noticed, this is flagged as a community wiki - so it’s editable by all.

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I just got a request to make each badge unlock an ability in a game. Developing a game for the site isn’t in the budget just yet, but I love the idea!

Someday, maybe ;^]


Haha, we’ll add that to Phase B!