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We work in a world where technology and techniques change daily, yet our art continues to push boundaries, advance stories, and inspire players. This community is our place to share our successes and failures, to collaboratively shape our industry’s future, and more importantly, to inspire each other.

This community is entirely self-regulated. If you’d like to participate, please follow these 2 simple rules:

1. Be courteous and polite - feedback is welcome, assholes aren’t.
2. Don’t make a mess - help us keep clean and organized by using relevant categories, tags, titles, etc.

If you think you can handle that, here are a few links to get you started with using this community forum:

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But more importantly, you’re here to learn about visual effects! Unfortunately, the pathway to learning isn’t very well laid out in any resource, including here, but our members have done a great job creating this launching point, so please start with this discussion about entering the world of visual effects, and good luck with your journey!

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