WebP / APNG - support - animation image of the future!111

I am trying to replace gif with something that offers better alpha, the only thing I can find is WebP but support tools seem horrible

there seems to be no google>drive>hosting/encoding for WebP this takes mp4’s and does an OK job with mp4 (@GregorySilva I borrowed this ok?)

I want a lossless PNG sequence from Flash and photoshop plugin is useless

ideally I want to drag into google/youtube and have it encode (RGBA png sequences) and host webP
after all it was made by google :wink:

OH well, APNG is working :smiley: so we can start using that! Animated PNG (APNG) Maker
explosion_APNG-01 790kb for 100 frames

hrm that’s not great considering mpeg video compression would prob be 5% the size… to bad you can’t embed them like an image

edit sorry for bump, but I am updating this with info as I have time
WebP is not supported and wont embed even when hosted
though I can get the explosion to 66% quality at 228kb

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