Weapon visual effects

Hello everyone!
Glad to be in this community of professionals.
My name is Dmitry.
Doing effects for weapon shots (Unity engine). It is planned to make several types of weapons and cartridges. I’ll start with a laser and an reinforced bullet.
I would be glad to advice.

Reinforced bullet



hey Dmitri nice start so far, loving the texture details. though the movement feels a bit like it’s being played in slow motion, usually muzzle flashes, bullets and impacts only last a few frames.

Hi Callan.
Thanks for the advice. Yes, timing is important, and not everything is noticed by the eyes after a long work. The outside perspective is important.
Here are the new muzzle flash laser and enhanced bullet. They are accelerated by about 20-30% (and bullet speed). Slightly tweaked spark.


Dropbox mp4 links
Power Bullet

Yeah that looks a bit better, try making a version where the muzzle flash is only a frame or 2.
Whenever I’m doing weapons I always look at Apex’s they’re amazing :slight_smile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQ3k0jRh9X8&t=2s

But at the end of the day it all depends on what game you’re making this for, is it a 1st or 3rd person, top down shooter?

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Hey dmitry!

Nice stuff that you got there!
I got 2 advices when it comes to muzzle flashes (and guns in general):

-1rst one is Vary your colors: Try to use complementary color.
If its cartoon use some negative frame
If its a realistic muzzle add some black smoke or a blue lens flare to your orange muzzle. (timestamp 1:35 to see it)

  • 2nd one: it might be cheating bit but Animate your gun: either it’s the recoil/slide/ejecting some bullets, it gives so much more impact to your effect, your effect can move with the animation/or stay in place and lastly it will help you a lot later when you will work with animators (cause they usually animate the gun :smile: )

Thanks a lot for the link. I tried to implement your advice (the result will be in the message below). FPS is similar genre or close to the location of the camera.

Hi Pyrath! Thanks for your advice. Color variability added variety and expressiveness. I also added smoke.
Animation would certainly add expression, but I won’t do it for now.
Here is the result given your advice and callandekeijzer: speed, complementary color, smoke.