We need a discord server

A nice channel with some admins, a few channels for engines and other software… I’d be up for that.
It would be great to have more direct conversations with the lot of you :slight_smile:


I agreed with you. It would be great to have discord channel for this awesome community! What I need to do to become part of this channel?

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Yeah, I’ve been thinking the same thing. I’ve been polluting other discords with vfx chatter so it could be good to contain it to a rtvfx one.

+1 for that idea! It would be a nice place to chit-chat.

I love that idea c:
Near maybe? e.e

That would be amazing! +1

That is a great idea IM 100% in

Great idea! +1 :slight_smile:

+1 Even if it’s just to have some fun conversations about some tech or stuff people are working on :smiley:

+1 - sounds like a great idea :slight_smile:

Yeah! Great idea ! +1

Yes this sounds great

+1! This is a great idea!

While I could create a channel easily, I rather have the admins of this board in control for coherence.
They have proven to be great admins, so Idont have doubt they would be so as discord admins :slight_smile:


As I know, you can create channel and then gave to admins their admin rights.

Sorry, just caught up with this - it’s certainly a good idea! I’ll look into it!

For continued discussion that I’d love to hear from all of you -

  1. We’d then have Facebook - RealtimeVFX.com Forum - Discord. Do any of you have concerns about fragmenting our attention too much with these 3?

  2. Discord or Slack?


Just sharing my opinion here~

I think the three of them would have their own uses.

Facebook is good at sharing fun/interesting stuff, mostly references.
The Forum is very good at showcasing our works, and for more “official” stuff, like contests, events, etc.
Discord could be used to casual discussions, chat, 1 on 1 help, etc.

I don’t personally have any issue with having the three work together. :slight_smile:

(And I’m all for Discord, it’s friendlier.)

  1. I do a lil bit, the forum format is much easier for me to follow. I’m on techartists and polycount’s slack channels and it’s nearly impossible to keep up.
    it’d be great to have somewhere I can ask and answer quick questions :slight_smile:
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  1. Discord. The Slack app has a white background. I tend to use Slack more for communicating work while discord is a bit more relaxed. I wouldn’t mind keeping that separation. Yep, purely selfish reason :slight_smile:

Discord is much easier and friendly for users than Slack. For example, in Slack I can’t be in two chats at the same time with one account (I need to create separate accounts for each chat, so I need to have separate tabs in browser).
And Discord have voice chat for free!

P.S. I have sent a request for joining facebook group almost month ago and still doesn’t approved :c What should I sacrifice to join this community?

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