Wawi Abdel Kader: Sketch #24



Hello Everyone,

[Update 7]
Enemies! and better floor breaks!

[Update 6]
who likes breaking stuff?

[Update 5]
Making a terrain for the effect!

[Update 4]
Added some colors + few modifications.

[Update 3]
Modified the Anticipation, and connected everything together

[Update 2]
Added X marks the spot:

[Update]: added an explosion block out, will link them later on

here’s a quick block out of the effect.

What’s missing

  • More things happening in the beginning. (More anticipation).
  • A target.
  • More work on the timing.
  • More work on the colors.

Feedback and critique are always welcome

Sketch #24 Winners and Badges!

Love this dude! The motion is so smooth and fluid. I also love your colors. Gives it a very neon techy pearlescent glitchy look! Besides the points you already mentioned, it would be awesome see them pop out with an impact like a bubble popping or similar instead of fading out!!


I was thinking about something like this, you had another idea in mind ?


awesome explosions man!)


Added an :x: to mark the spot:


RAD! The bouncy timing combined with the color separation make it feel super satisfying to watch!


Modified the Anticipation, and connected everything together


Great job!!! The explosions look awesome. But it seems the value of gravity can be lower


Added more colors and a few modifications:


I thought it would be cool to make a Terrain as well :fire:

more coming up :wink:


A Small update putting everything together:


Thought that this needed a bit of context:
So made a hero, and some enemies x)


Now that’s the scale :+1:)) I wonder how many polygons you’ve got))


Breakdown time!
I’m actually using a lot of polygons, but since i’m doing this for fun, I really don’t care, which somewhere the point of the sketches.
for each particle I have 3 additive Mesh Renderers with 3 different colors that are offset based on their velocity (it’s some sort of chromatic abberation):
The one in the middle is the red one, the one in front of it is green, and the one behind is blue:

Here’s an example where i’m changing the offset multiplier.

and of course it takes into consideration the direction of the particle:


For the grid:
I’m spawning the particles and giving them a constant force from their position to their position on the grid, so whenever they move, they will go back thanks to that force that pulls them to that exact point.
I also used animated noise to change the size of the cube meshes.

For the holes created in the grid:
I’m using spatial Layers, it’s a concept used to make particles communicate with each other, so whenever a particle is near another particle that is querying the 1st one, we can change it’s behavior.
What i’m doing here is giving it a force, that is strongest in the middle that fades when it gets far.

Another one with a bigger radius:

Another one with a bigger force:

Another one with the Explosion:


Haha that’s so overkill ! love it :smiley:

Also, cool breakdowns ! the trick you used for that chromatic aberration is a clever way to work around the “no-shader” constraint.
And nice use of popcorn’s spatial hash :slight_smile:


You’re a legend, geez
This looks AMAZING!