Want Ribbon in Niagara to Transform but not Rotate with System

I have a electric effect(Ribbon Renderer) in the Niagara System but I only want it to transform with system but not rotate with the system.
How do I do that?

Thank you

Are you using a beam? If not and you are just sampling paritcles, which make up the ribbon, you can just not set them to ‘Local Space’. If they are in world space, they should not rotate or move with the system.
Then all you have to do is make the position ‘local’, by just adding the system location on top of the particle position. Just make sure the particles have no system location offset when spawning.
Like so:
On Spawn:

If you want to add forces on spawn:

On Update:


This should do it :slight_smile:

I was using Beam but I did go with particle sampling to fix my situation (sort of) but Not in this detail.
Thank you very Tobias, This is fantastic stuff that will help me in the future.

Thank you again!!!

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