Visual Effects for Games in unreal engine

hello my name is mateo and i’m very interested in vfx, but i don’t know where to start i have never touched unreal engine or vfx if someone could help me with those doubts about nodes and niagara would be very helpful thanks

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Hey Matius, welcome!

This topic should get you started in a broad-sense.

With Niagara, it’s just another tool to give you more control over your particles. I wouldn’t focus too much on the nodes and all the posibilities with them. Start with the basics and as you find the need for more control you will start to use those nodes with more advanced effects.

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Thank you very much nate lane I have clarified many doubts as to how to start I thought the first thing was the nodes but thank you very much

So many workflows these days are node based. Niagara is one of the newer tools, there’s also cascade, which is what Niagara is replacing. You can use either one to build your effects.

There’s a lot more tutorials on cascade than Niagara, so it may be easier to just start with cascade. You can make great effects with either, they’re just tools.


and what about the nodes is easy and what they are is the question for what they serve and how they work

Take a look here: Creating Visual Effects in Niagara for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.0 Documentation

The bahavior node graph is just a small piece of the puzzle. You often don’t need to work at all with them if you don’t want. Start with presets, and get familiar with the modules and eventually you may start to work with the behavior graph. It’s not required though with Niagara.

(Far left is the nodes you’re referring to)

I recommend starting with engine basics, then after you grasp the basics you can start to worry about things like the node based behavior graph. Don’t focus on it.

Hello Natelane, I will continue to get you started with cascade, I will understand the basics until I understand it and then I will look at the nodes and I will thank you very much for your contribution, it has served me a lot thanks

Sorry for hijacking this, i was wondering if you knew of a decent way to get into understanding the Behavior Graph/Module Scripting of Niagara?

I’ve been doing general Cascade and Niagara for about a year now and i’m comfortable with them both. But i have absolutely no clue how to even begin approaching making my own modules. Granted Niagara is still in development, but i wish there was some kind of on-boarding/documentation when it comes to the Module Scripts.


I have 0 experience creating my own modules, although I recommend asking the discord channel. There’s a Niagara specific category that may be able to lead you in a good direction: We need a discord server

I wonder if a Niagara specific sub category in technical help here would help organize info like this here. Maybe we pin info like this for example within. Hmmmm

Thank you for the heads up!

And I certainly wouldn’t mind a Niagara specific sub category :slight_smile:

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