VFX Sketches

Hey folks! I meant to write this a while ago when the WWVFX contest was announced (which you should defenitely check out!).

We’re putting VFX Sketches on hold for the time being while the VFX contest goes on!

After 46 nearly straight sketches it’s been nice to take a step back and think about how we can make a fun event for the community to participate in and learn and grow, which sketches were originally designed for. There’s been soooooo much awesome work from so many people, it’s kind of crazy they have even lasted this long!

With that said, I also wanted to gather ideas from you all… So, If you have an idea for something else event-wise you would like to see, possbily replacing sketches, or an adaptation of them, throw your idea here! I’d be super interseted to hear what you all want when you come to the site, and how we can better involve more people and make it a more worthwhile experience. It can be super specific or super broad, anything goes. Thanks everyone :star2: :sparkles: