Vfx of homescapes

Hello there,

I haven’t seen too much vfx for casual games on this board but I was pretty impressed with those in homescapes.

Next to some nice shader effects, distortion etc. I guess a lot is pre-rendered?
Like the rockets here:
will be some pretty huge flipbooks… or do I miss something? :slight_smile:



Just played in this game :sweat_smile:

This video was post-processed, like most ads, so it’s pretty hard to figure out how effects work.
I think it’s better to analyze video walkthroughs

In the effects for mobile games, we try to minimize the use of flip books to reduce the load on the GPU (it’s important for low-performance devices).

The rocket effect did not use flipbooks, only sparks, flares, 1 smoke texture and directional tail texture.
Explosions and destruction were done with a simple set of textures of rings, glow, radiance, etc.
Unfortunately, I can not explain the effect of the disco ball , because it was made by programmers.

If you are interested in specific moments, I will try to answer them


Hi Ilya,

somebody at the source - I love this board! :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing!
And really great work, everything feels super polished about these effects and graphics.
About the disco ball, but the animation (like the idle) is a flipbooks right? Or do you use 3d meshes with textures as well?

I saw this effect:

And I couldn’t think of another way than a flipbook for these smoketrails. Or is it marketing too?
Thanks again!

Yes, you absolutely ridght. In case of disco-ball we used flipbooks.
The function of using 3D objects appeared much later in our toolkit.
At the moment, the use of 3D is limited to flying coins and similar elements, as the effects editor is focused exclusively on 2D sprites.

Fun fact: VFX artists on projects are also involved in UI animation.