VFX Mentorship

Yes! So eloquently spoken. I’m gonna aim to do all the above via live demos, breakdowns with Q&A, and opening up the guts of game files.

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I hear you. Definitely gonna spend some time diving deep into Photoshop. The reason i landed on doing hands-on mentorship instead of a standardized class is because each individual has very specific things they’re after within the realm of VFX. Basically, i’m hoping to trim the fat per individual. Maybe later we’ll figure out standardized content that reliably covers just what people need.

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Hey @Keyserito, I’m very interested in this! Thanks for doing it.
A few questions:

  1. About how long do you think the mentorship could go on?
  2. How do you plan to deal with an eventual high number or students?

As for my end of how long this’ll go, i wanna do this indefinitely from now on. It’s a month to month payment setup, so I’m anticipating students will tag out when they’ve learned and grown to their goals (get the job they want, accomplish the style/fidelity they’re after, etc).

As for opening up to more students, i’ll start with only a few slots, and add just a couple more in the first few months. Since i don’t plan on quitting anytime soon, the long term plan is to partner with others in the community to build a legit VFX school that can take more students. But the first step is to learn how it should be structured, and raise enough capital to fund it. This Patreon is the first step toward both of those requirements.


That’s awesome. what can we do to insure that were among the first people to get those first slots?

I will be glad to follow up with your VFX mentorship if the price and time fits my budget and work schedule. Also, I wonder if you can create something that starts from scratch - like minimal UI knowledge and through levels of proficiency from intermediate to advanced? Keep me posted (my own email to your mail list zedar.thokme@gmail.com) Thanks.

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Hi @Travis ! First off, I think its so cool we have the same name. :slight_smile:
It was in the Discord Channel “Unreal Slackers” under #visual-fx. My username is cF Tempest there. Partikel was just telling it as it is, but man, it felt harsh. I don’t want to make a big deal out of it though.

Oooh, well there’s a Real Time VFX Discord as well, I thought that’s what you were in. I have very little idea how to Discord, so I hope this link works…

Thanks for the link! I’ll be sure to join. I requested to join the Facebook Group too.

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This is a teicky one. It’s going to be on a first come first serve basis. After it fills, people can PM me to be added to a wait list. I’ll use that list to contact people when seats come available.

I think, in a very subtle way, it has helped. @Fabio_M_Silva is Awesome (Awesome!), and teaches in a very… what you see is what you get manner, I’d say. Unfortunately right as the course started… life happened, and such occurrences drew me away from really letting me give my all in this course. But… I have to say all-in-all it did help. I think I feel a little wiser anyway. :slight_smile:

Awesome idea @Keyserito , I think a lot of people have trouble getting into FX and the industry seems to be in high demand of that at the moment (which I suppose can be good to find a job easier than 3D artists), but it does paint a picture that it’s still an area that requires a lot of growth. Specially with the new tools coming out, the possibilities will expand and basically we might be getting really dynamic fx, which will probably require more technical knowledge as well, and if we work as a team(the whole community), we’d really be learning faster.

What I usually can get stuck on is thinking about what the best way to approach an fx tech-wise is. As in, you think of or see something you want to make, but then you start pondering if it should be done via a mesh and a shader or a simulation or and the list goes on (right now I am put on researching how to do certain effects, so that’s why I am saying that :smiley: ). If it’s a per student thing, could be interesting to try and figure out how something can be made and do different little tests to learn more about approaching problems. Sometimes you might be able to create everything, sometimes you might need help from programmers (like in Infamous: Second son’s effects for example).

People also seem to be really fascinated with the Chinese FX community tutorials and how awesome those FX looks - so might be interesting to see something as flashy in a Western classroom as well :smiley: I’ve rambled a lot, I hope some of it makes sense.

I think I remember this. You wanted tutorials showing how the winning entries of the riot competition were done and I pointed you here, specifically to the getting started threads. I do apologize.

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Aww yes, this gonna be great! Can’t wait to see what you cooked up for us. :slight_smile:

wait no longer! <3 <3


Oh man! Such good thoughts. Yes, it’s easy to get lost. I hope to resolve that with this effort. Now that it’s launched, I’d love to hear your thoughts if this feels like it will help you get unstuck with the too-many-approaches hurdle.

Also, I hear you on having a flashy classroom setting. The end goal is to go beyond just me and create a whole VFX school. This is just the first step!


Nice! I hope I can be able to help out in the future as a side project!

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I totally love the idea of a eventuall dedicated VFX school type of thing.
Something that’s really lacking as of right now.
Best of luck with the classes (I won’t be able to join myself for a while due to budget, did become a 5$ patreon tho :sunglasses: )

Can’t wait to see what it grows into.

Very cool! Up. I’m excited to grow this thing too. Thanks for joining the Flashy tier :^]

Hey @Keyserito, quick question: how keen are you on teaching more realistic effects? I’m asking because I can see your strength is definitely in stylized work. Cheers :slight_smile: