VFX in Star Citizen

Nice to see the VFX team at CIG is finally getting some love on the Star Citizen weekly show. Mike and Caleb still making amazing fx!! @13:19


Looks really intersting. I didn’t understand exactly how they did it. So they have no poly-stripes at all, or are the particles just connectors for the trails? If it’s just particles, I’m impressed that there are now gaps inbetween.

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Indeed, it is just particles. We’re using a high particle count (possible thanks to our highly efficient new particle system) and we’re using emit per distance to ensure the trails retain consistent density regardless of how fast our ships go.

There’s a little more to it than that (we’re using things like inherit velocity and a drag value to ensure the individual particles don’t just fly off in crazy directions when the ships roll, strafe, etc.)

Disclaimer: everything we showed off in this vid is still work-in-progress, things have come on quite a bit since we shot it :boom:

Also, hi @Lee! :wave:


You have new system inside cryengine? wow! so many particles :slight_smile: Are You using tessellation and refraction?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFuiIhtWs3w Nice Interview :slight_smile: