VFX Graph Color Intensity Property Not Working Properly

Hi Guys,
I m using Unity Editor Version 2022.2.1 and Visual Effect Graph Version 14.0.4. I Have Created a Simple VFX Graph And Also Generate Color Property For Editing Color From the Editor. I Connect Color Property With Set Color Node. So In Editor And Also In VFX Graph First Time If I Change The Color And Intensity Than IT Works Fine but After That If I Change The Color Than The Color Changes But If I Change The Intensity Than Instead Of Changing To New Value It Adds The New Value To Existing One And Every Time Intensity Goes High And High.

in Above Image We Have Red Color And 0 Intensity.

Now I Change The Intensity To 3.

The Next Time When I Open The Color Editor It Will Automatically Add 0.4 To the Existing Value.

Now I Change the value From 3.4 To 5.

So Next Time Instead Of 5 intensity Becomes 8.4(3.4+5).
If You Phase And Solve This Kind of problem Please Guide ME.
Due To new user Limitations, I am Not Able to upload multiple Images.


Hi Radadiy, I am not so familiar with the Visual Effect Graph. But a issue could be the way how do you store the intensity value in a variable. Maybe you are enabling a add function instead just to set it, or the loop / update method is always adding instead to set it. I would try a setup with just the intensity value. This could be a way to debug it.

Hello, we are experiencing the same thing and it seems to be a Unity bug. I have not been able to find a fix so far. Hopefully it will be resolved in future versions.

What I do is that I change my intensity value and then change the color ever so slightly, this should remove the “adding” behavior and just set to the value that I want.