VFX for mobile games and app (AKA The juice)

Hello everyone, I’d like to open a discussion about something I don’t think I’ve seen a lot here: VFXs for mobile games and applications. One of my main mission is to make game as visually juicy as possible, in a relatively short time span.

I’m a junior to the industry, and I find myself struggling with making pertinent VFXs that are meant to reward or communicate failure within mobile games. It is especially true on UI heavy based games. Finding balance between visibility, punch and ultimately, the juice.

Of course, many games are known for their juicyness or are stated as best reference in the domain (Looking at you, candy crush saga)

But I wanted to know you opinion, experience etc on the subject. Do you guys have some tips, tricks and guideline on how to make…the juice ? What would be the most important things to focus on when making VFXs on this domain ?

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A quick tip for a juicy feeling would be to make everything reactive! There’s always that cause / effect relationship we’re so used to experience in real life. :tropical_drink:

Most of the times it’s not just about the particles, think about things like a surface reacting to a magic missile or maybe a character displaying an amusing reaction on its face when a spell is casted! :thought_balloon:


Lush highlights a great point, i’d advise trying to get into the players head as much as possible, or have them playtest the game with you and see what they want to interact with. List out any potential solutions VFX could solve.