VFX for AAA Shooter

In this video there is demonstration of fragments of cut scenes, particle effects, their consistence parts and illustrations of some part of technologies that was used in triple A shooter ‘‘SURVARIUM’’


“this is a story of a young man…” creating vfx :smiley: haha good one. The beginning is a little too much dragged out, I wanna see ur fx right away in the first seconds of a video. They look really nice especially the environment & fire effects. When I see such big flipbooks it always hurts me a little lel.

Those are some very nice VFX in, great job man.

By the way the Flipbooks have you are mostly create in Houdini and how do you made this normal Rendering from them?
I´m also relative new in Houdini, my way would be create different lights around the Fluid or is there any different approach.

and @VinceWee why it hurts you ?

becuz iam developing for mobile most of the time atm, so iam pretty bound to a fixed number of frames in my flipbooks^^
and for “normal rendering” u mean the shading ? they are lit particles u can see that at 0:40 when he shoots in the sand


ah ye I understand now. U mean how to generate the normal map for the fluid sim in houdini.

Okay yeah for mobile is a full different approach, sorry for you ^^.

Yes this dust this one example I mean with normal map rendering this bluish texture for example at 00:22 and the left halfe at 00:34.

Nice work man! I was wondering, how did you go about creating that looped smoke texture at 1:00? Looks great!

Congats Taras, i love your different approach to make your reel really interesting.

Could you use less frames but add a motion vector sub uv to smooth out the transition between your diffuse frames?

are we talking about mobile ? i use a max of 16 frames per subuv for ingame fx & 9 frames for UI effects since it has to be sharp infront of u eye. The frame blending in unreal is really nice u can smoothly blend them, no need fore extra functions. In unity it has a hard cut, not sure if they have implemented a smoothly frameblending since 5.1

I’ll find the link, but you can make your own and basically use a flowmap that blends the texture from one frame to the next in between the diffuse frame transitions. So instead of popping you get a much smoother transition with less frames. Unfortunately this just works with simulations in 3D packages that can export velocity data (the red, yellow and green simulation in the video). The process takes the control away from the engine’s system, so you drive it with a parameter instead of letting the system handle it. You could do this with Shaderforge for Unity, or if you know how to write your own shaders, you could make what you need.

Frame blending with Motion Vectors

here’s the link to the VFX artist who broke down Gorilla Games’ process


thank you I will have a look into it and field test it for mobile. Would be a huge thing if this one works out, I will let u know!

I hope it does! It’s a tad expensive compared to a flipbook without it, but it can make a 16 frame flipbook look as smooth as a 36 frame one

Unfortunately I can’t divulge the list of software that I used on this project. But I certainly know that Houdini can render any specific information. Such as volume normal or volume motion vectors.

Great looking FX! Beautiful sims, and nice flipbooks. Your fx look like a film fx artist who switched to games. I say that b/c you rely heavily on pre-rendered sims (not a bad thing) Game artist who started old school tend to have better snappier animations worse sims while film fx artist tend to have amazing sims and just ok animation particle animation skills. I came from film FX.
If we break down your fx I’d say sim wise you’re killin it. Excellent. Particle animation I think you could improve. Take a look at how the staff blue fx dissipates (1:13). Any time you go back to particle animation its almost hard to get the animation as beautiful as the sims. All in all very nice, some good designs in there too. I’d encourage you to fill in the sims with more particles that are not sim flipbooks. I don’t know your constraints on mobile so take it for what its worth.

Some specific comments
The dust/sand hits from the bullets are too big, they shoot up 6 feet right now.
The water hits sim card on the water surface is too bright, and its not holding up as the right sim for the reaction. Looks like a 2d fluid sim when it should be more of a bubble reaction, if that makes sense. Specifically the last few frames it lives, looks like that sim mushroom shape.
The bubbling mud is neat, I’d love to see some uv distortion/flow maps making the base more dynamic.

nice work!

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Thats pretty awesome work man