VFX Education: What Interests You?



Alright, so we (myself and a handful of other VFX artists) are currently working on designing a new VFX course, and would love your input on how to do it right. If you’ve got 2 minutes to click some survey boxes, I’d greatly appreciate your time!

Survey Link

I know there’s currently this thread about what people would want in a VFX curriculum. This survey is a focused way to get some parse-able data from the perspective of students (both newbies and veterans).

If you know anyone else that’s hungry for more education in any of these areas, please send them to the survey as well. The more input we get, the more student-focused we can be <3

I’m excited to see this come to fruition and into your hands!


My ideal set of experiences for a candidate:

Particle basics.
Artistry and critique of effects (profile, color, timing, layering, grounding, etc…).
Material Basics.
Using Reference.

-Texture Development:
Hand Painting Textures.
Photo Comping Textures.
Simulating Textures.
Compositing and prepping stock footage for textures.

Prop destruction (Player shoots prop).
Cinematic moment destruction (Helicopter crashing into building).

-Advanced Materials:
Alpha Erosion.
Scrolling Textures and distortion of uv’s by a second scrolling texture.
Using UV’s as time.

-Advanced Particles:
Meshes as particles.
Collision / Physics.

LoL Style ability.
“Super”, Final Fantasy Style.
Muzzle Flash.
Ambient environmental effect (mist, leaves blowing, etc…)


these are the lessons i teach over 6 weeks as part of a Masters in Game art:

Conveyor Belt - Intro to Panner and Rotator
Dusty Window - Intro to Textures in Animated Materials, Intro to Cascade
Sandstorm - More Materials and Cascade
Falling Leaves - Flipbooks, Mesh Particles, GPU Particles
2nd UV Set - Mesh Flipbooks and Object Position randomness
Destroyable Light - Intro to Blueprints
Ground Material - World Position, Dot Product
Cloth - Cloth Sims and WPO
Fire Simulations
Magic Spell using Blueprint Timelines
Water Materials
Intro to RBD and Sequencer


I tried to do the Survey, I really did. Then I realized at the end that giving everything the highest mark helps nothing.

SIGH! :sweat_smile:

Is there a date the survey ends? I need to sit and think on this one to narrow it down.