[VFX Course]UNREAL VFX BASIC For sale to foreigners

Unreal Effects courses are available for international students.
Initially,This course was designed for Koreans.
Due to popular demand, we are finally selling the English subtitled version of our course!
This is a six-month VOD course. It contains Rinban’s expertise.

VOD (Video on Demand) lectures, access the site to enroll
LinkedIn, (verification of name and country via social media) personal information authentication required
Unreal Engine setup, game effects production concepts, effect layout creation, texture creation, 3D mesh creation, material creation, Cascade creation, Niagara creation
Over 9 effects, 6-month course, total lecture time of 112 hours plus bonus
Monthly enrollment, with 4-5 hours of video runtime per week
Payment available monthly or for 6 months, PayPal accepted
Portfolio creation using Sequencer
Effect creation using Niagara Fluid
Images and textures necessary for the lecture provided / Inquiries via Discord

Korea’s first promotional video

Additionally, additional videos required for beginner lectures are available.
List needed for beginner lectures

You can access this course from anywhere in the world.
If you’re interested in purchasing, please contact us via the email and Discord provided below!
!! Inquiry email for foreigners only !!! If you need it, please contact us!
manager : newrespon@gmail.com
Discord chat room : fx102[#3886]