VFX Compositing reel

Hi there,
I’ve seen that this web page is kind of focused with fx for games, but I just wanted to pass by and show my compositing reel, to see if anyone could give me any feedback. Right now I’m looking for my second job in the industry and I’m probably not receiving calls either because the industry is shit right now or because of the reel.

reel: Compositing showreel 2023 update - Gonzalo Gomez on Vimeo

Thank you

Hi Gonzalo!

Yup, it’s mostly for real-time based vfx, thus the name of the website.

Don’t get discouraged about the current situation with the industry. Come to the dark side. Learn some real-time VFX :eyes:

Haha thanks for the comment. Ultimately I’m digging Unreal Engine, it has some sort of connection with Nuke aswell. :eyes:

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