VFX Captures - Star Ocean 5

So while having this massive concussion I decided to purchase a load of games where the VFX are rather interesting and play/record the bleep out of them.

I am still in the process of recording more content, but I can only play for so long but I do hope to record more as time passes.

First up is “Star Ocean 5” and from all the games I got, this one was probably the one I enjoyed the most vfx-wise.
I literally kept on going in the hopes of seeing new effects.
I wont go into the story, how horrible the camera is (one of the worst, if not THE worst camera system ever), or my opinion on the gameplay, but the vfx where quite enjoyable.

Yea loads of reusing meshes and textures with just another color and loads of UV distortion being thrown at it, but imho the timing, power, and execution where rather nice.


Mind you, the camera system is hell to work with and more than often I did not have proper control on alignment or rotation.
In case you want to see parts slower, use: http://www.youtubeslow.com/

I will be releasing each part separately on a later date, when I feel a tad better.
Now to play some other games and get those vfx recorded.


I think I’m going to do this too, when I have time. It’d be cool to keep this thread going with lots of different games and styles.


That be awesome :slight_smile:

It’ll be better archived if you make a new topic per game (search will work better), but please do!!

@Luos_83 This is great! Thanks for taking the time to share!

Would you mind updating the title of this topic to it’s archived better? [Game VFX] VFX compilations are a little redundant - this entire forum is for game vfx, and VFX Compilation would be a great tag to include (I just made it for this one). The topic should be something like “Star Ocean 5 VFX Captures”

This is literally the only group/forum that actually wants seperate threads for identical things hehe.
Not saying its a bad thing, just never came across a board thats so opposite to what normally is required/requested/permitted.

Will change topic!

Yea, I’ve noticed that it’s quite rare - I think that’s a hold out from an older era of forums.

Our focus here is to make sure that the discussion naturally transitions into the most “searchable” archive possible. So while the multiple threads might be “spammy” to some people (even though I’d argue that it helps keep discussions organized and flowing), it also makes it far easier to find these wonderful resources down the road, long after the relevant conversation has stopped.

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