VFX Basics - Mesh Soulercoasters



Ohh, that looks really nice. Any chance that you can share it on gumroad or something?


awesome bro… share it




To execute:
Place this in your scripts folder and source it then run one of the below commmands. I recommend making two shelf buttons, one with each command. One for execution, one to load attribute editor.

shPlotCurves 0;
shPlotCurves 1;

0 = Run the script with something selected to generate your trails.
1 = Run the script with a generated trail selected to edit the curve warp properties.


Should have included this, if you end up using this. Here is a little Amplify Shader Function I created to help with the fading of the trail mesh if you use the Perpendicular trails.

Perpendicular Angle Fade

Mesh Wipe Function - The point of this function was to make the mesh trail act as an attack trail as a Mesh Particle. I was wiping the mesh on against hte characters attack so it looked as if the trail was streaming off of their limbs. Sadly, I cannot show that work however it looks great!

Which when used, I just slot it into the Opacity chain since I was doing some alpha blended shit.