VFX Artist wanted at Riot Games: Los Angeles

Hey Guys-
I’m a long time VFXer and an Art Lead at Riot Games in Los Angeles. I have been given the opportunity to manage and staff one of the teams here on LoL and am looking for an awesome VFX Artist to join us!

Since this is a community near and dear to me I want to invite any applicants to DM me here!

A visual art aficionado: your brain holds a library of spell effects and the methods you use to create them; your encyclopedic knowledge of visual effects helps you synthesize brand new assets from classic designs
Versatile: you draw, paint, animate and model with equal proficiency; you live for collaborating across disciplines to hone your skills and push your boundaries
A proven mentor: you’re an open book of knowledge and experience that team members find easy to read and understand; you resolve conflicts and help manage cross-team relationships
A problem assassin: you execute your mission with complete autonomy if the need arises; you’re proactive in finding creative and effective solutions to ruthlessly eliminate difficult problems
Crazy for LoL: as a dedicated League of Legendsplayer, you know which aspects of the game’s visuals can be tricky to navigate, so you’ll create visual effects that help map the way for players
Collaborate on real-time visual effects with designers, developers and other artists to clearly communicate in-game information while making players’ jaws drop
Meet deadlines while scaling your work back or ramping up according to the needs of the project
Turn wild ideas into awe-inspiring reality through visual effects, whether fish swimming through waves or the eerie glowing of freed souls rife for collecting


Cool, sent you a message. Thanks for sharing this.

@Sirhaian may be interested in this, his work is pretty awesome and in style.

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Thank you! And yes, definitely interested, but I am just about to start a new contract, so unfortunately it won’t be “right now”. :slight_smile: