VFX Apprentice Student Showcase


As I was reviewing all the student work for this year’s showcase, I was deeply impressed and humbled by the quality and quantity of it all.

In addition to this video, I’d love if students of the Booms & Blasts course could post links or uploads of their personal work in this thread. It’s a great moment to celebrate our first anniversary. Please don’t be shy!

Of course, even if you don’t post here, you know who you are, and I know you’re awesome! Kudos to everyone for an amazing first year. And here’s to many more!


Yes! It is really amazing to see what everyone has created.
This last year really meant a lot to me. I have come form a total beginner, that was happy to crate a scaling dome to being employed as an teaching Assistent. I have learned so much and am so much more confident then I was before. And that is all thanks to @Keyserito and the Booms & Blasts class.
I can’t thank everyone enough for being awesome!

Here are all the effects I crated over the last Year. I hope you like them!