VFX Animation: Smoke practice (Frame by frame)

Hello everyone! Just done some smoky looped 2D VFX stuff. Here’s my ArtStation link for other my 2D frame by frame VFX: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/dOdkZK

Here you can see two animations: first one with green smoke is ready and polished, but I also uploaded raw pink smoke animation without polishing: I was trying to get how 2D should work in 3D perspective with different foreshortening. Polishing would take twice time so I decided to make some new animations instead, already gained all requared experience from this.

Ready and polished 2D Smoke

Raw and experimental 2D Smoke

Also I’m trying to find new “desing” of background for my FX’es and I think this one is good because it is easier to name specific animation by number.

Everything here is done in Adobe Animate frame by frame


I love how you used light in first effect, gives it “the evil vibe”

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