VES members - Please vote for Board of Directors

Hey Gang,

If you are a VES member, please vote for me as I’m up for a seat on their Board of Directors again. My objective is to advocate for the video game segment within the VES.

Here’s my statement as it is posted on their website:

My name is David Johnson, and I work at Activision/Blizzard’s Infinity Ward Studio as their Lead Visual Effects Artist, working on the Call of Duty franchise.

I am a former VES board of directors member and extremely active in the VES, at one point simultaneously holding positions on five committees (awards, education, outreach, membership and the Board)… I remain on the Awards committee. I have helped organize multiple games “Making Of” events for the VES. I have participated in outreach to the Seattle area (organized an event up there, despite living in LA), which has now become our newest section.

During my last application for the board, I stated two goals.

  1. To see Seattle become a section, and the first one that is predominantly composed of games industry people (accomplished)

  2. To see the number of games members double in 5 years (under way).

I remain committed to these goals.

My mission within the VES is to be a strong advocate for the video game segment. As a member of your board, I commit to furthering the profile of games in the VES. Improving the quantity and quality of of submissions we get for the VES awards via outreach. I will commit raising awareness the VES within the games industry, particularly targeting GDC, the largest developer conference for games. And see that in all initiatives, a games voice is present.

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