Vertex animation Texture for Niagara

Hi, I saw Vertex animation texture.

and there is not tutorial for Bugs or Bird’s VAT.
I mean, Actually How to I make animation for Bug or Bird. using VAT.

for example, Unreal contents example have Insects static mesh. but it using VAT.
I want to know how to make this.

Could I get some Info?

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It would be a very costly solution to bugs, but if you really want to do it, animate the bug walkcycle, exporty that as a soft VAT. Then follow any soft VAT tutorial on how to set it up.
The rest of the movement is handled in Niagara.

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Thanks for answer.
Could I ask about more Cheap solution? (for example, use just bug sprite textures. )

and I am searching about soft VAT. I need a bit more information …

and searching Houdini VAT.
in this link, there’s soft body VAT. Did you mean this?

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Yes, that is soft vat.

If you need the bugs to be animated, I’d do it with some vertex color gradients, a few sinewaves and vertex shader offsets.

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I will try that. Thanks for answer. :smiley:

Is there a walk through detailing what we need to do in Houdini to export the vertex texture animation from a skinned mesh? I’m new to Houdini. I cannot find anything that talks about the skinned mesh process.

It shouldn’t really matter whether or not the mesh is skinned. It’s the same workflow.
(Simplified explanation)
The VAT node works by looking at every vertex of your mesh at every frame and writes it into a texture. Then the shader/material reads this data and offsets each vertex of your static mesh by the a mount specified in the texture.

You can import your rigged and animated mesh as FBX in Houdini, example: Import fbx with animation in houdini - YouTube

Then you can make a null from bone deform and pass it to Labs Vertex Animation.

Here you can find more info on VAT in general, if you want to export for niagara you need to use legacy parameters for instancing it as a particle.

Here you can have an in depth look in a bit advanced niagara sys for birds and large crowds:

One tip, you can speed up animation in Houdini, so you get smaller textures. Interpolation works nicely with VATs.

I recently made something in this line, so why not share it while it’s still fresh. :slight_smile:

Hey I was following this tutorial but I arrived at a point in which I cannot randomize the animation, Do you might now how to do it?

Hey, sorry for late response. Sure i could help, if you don’t mind sharing what you already have.