VAT material on meshes spawned in Niagara?

Has anyone tried spawning meshes with a VAT3.0(from houdini) material in UE4 Niagara? I did something like this about a year ago, in the older version of VAT but it doesn’t want to work on VAT 3.0.

I’ve created a vellum sim to get the look of papers blowing in the wind and brought them to UE4.27 with VAT materials. they look fine as static meshes placed in a level. When i try to spawn them as meshes in Niagara however… it either creates a poly storm or does nothing depending on settings (the biggest one setting is GPU vs CPU but both look wrong). Does anyone have any experience with this? or does anyone have an idea why it might work as a SM but not as a spawned mesh?


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I found the solution here under VAT3.0: Instancing, Mesh Particles and Legacy Params

Hope that helps someone!