Unreal Niagara seed array

I would like to randomly select and use one of the determined seeds.
Please tell me how.

You will need to click the “show advanced” arrow in the module selection to display the “Randomness Mode” options of the random dynamic input(s). In most cases you will need to specify “deterministic” mode, set your int32 seed value to “Random Seed”, finally enable “Fixed Random Seed”.

Thank you for answer. But it doesn’t work. The current situation is like this. Please explain in detail. I hope either the 1st or 10th position seeds work.
There are currently 4 seeds in operation.

I’ve tried your setup and it works for me.

I don’t know if it matters, but the only difference I can see, is that I did not tick ‘Random Seed’ on the random integer array selection.

What exactly are you trying to achieve, that is not working this way?