Unreal Material Stuff on my Website

Hey guys,

as I was annoyed with having to recreate stuff at work, which I already did at home, I changed my website so I can upload Unreal Material Networks. Maybe this will benefit to other people as well. If you find something you want, you can just copy the material network with one click and paste it in Unreal.

Unfortunately it’s super unoptimised and takes ages to load (because of all the gifs), so be careful on your phone. Need to find a better solution for this…

Also if you yourself have useful material tricks, just PM me and I’ll add them. Some of the stuff is already just recreated from other peoples posts on twitter, if that’s the case I always try to credit the author.



Cool, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Wooah, it’s great! Thanks for sharing it! :heart_eyes:
Is it possible to contribute? For example, I have a similar script for Houdini for assigning Vertex Colors for Mesh Flipbooks.

P.S. And about your site - you can try to use autoplayed looped mp4 videos instead of gifs. It makes your site more easy to load.

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Unfortunately atm you can only contribute by posting in the comments or by dropping me a direct message. But hopefully i’ll have the time someday to implement user contributions. Feel free to PM me your Houdini script though, if you want to share it :slight_smile:

Will try to look into implementing mp4s as soon as I have the time!

Thanks for sharing!!!:grinning:

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Wicked stuff man! Im keen to check out your snow spec tutorial

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