Unreal Engine | Energy Burst Effect Breakdown




This is a quick breakdown of Energy Burst Effect in unreal engine. you will see each element, materials textures used in this effect.



It might pay to put all of these breakdowns into one thread rather than just making a new thread everytime? :slight_smile:


i have already created a single thread for all my post


Hello, your work is really great and I’m learning a lot by following them. Would you be able to explain how you implemented the light, mist, and debris in your Lava Rocks video? https://youtu.be/ylr5fNvuywY?list=PL9ec1MhgoW9wyVgguFUPMbY2SlFDrTPqJ&t=433


for lights i used my sparks emitter just duplicated that and added lights… for mist i used 4X4 subuv texture sheet fro random flames and for debris i used mesh type emitter and used my rock mesh